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Abide in my love and you bear fruit

Thứ ba - 17/05/2016 02:51
All people are called by Jesus to bear fruit

All people are called by Jesus to bear fruit  
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
The Church honors St. Matthias today: He was chosen by the remaining eleven apostles to replace Judas following the latter's betrayed of Jesus Christ. All people are called by Jesus to bear fruit, and there are many ways to do so on this journey. But some fruit just takes a little longer than another to ripen. This should challenge us to think about our own vocation in life and ministry, for we do this for God.
The Collect for today's Mass says that St. Matthias was called by the Father to "a place in the college of Apostles." That mission was to give witness to the resurrection of Jesus. Peter said to the disciples - about 120 were gathered together - that one of their company should be named as witness with the Apostles to Jesus' resurrection.   So, we are to understand that the call to be an Apostle is a privileged grace, a call by God our Father, and act of God.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Our call to the Christian life is also specific and personal. At our own baptism we are called by name, and we are to continue the mission of the Apostles and be witness to Christ today.  If we open our hearts to this love and follow faithfully, then we will bear much fruit in our lives, fruit that lasts.  In the responsorial psalm we acclaim: The Lord will give him a seat with leaders of his people (Ps 11).

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Từ khóa: matthias, Ga 15:9-17, ps7,

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