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Be with me, Lord

Chủ nhật - 14/02/2016 07:17
Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble. No harm shall come into my home.  
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
This is the season in which we tend to the spiritual tasks of penance, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in order to deepen our experience of God's presence and strengthen our faith. As we do this we'll come to know what we really hunger for during our journey. Let us ground ourselves in a prayerful life so that we hear God's call. Let us give things up so we'll come to appreciate what we truly have.
Points to Pray and Ponder.
1) What spiritual progress do I hope to make during this Holy season? What steps am I prepared to take toward proper growth?
2) Moses recounted for people the story of their liberation.
What saving action of God am I grateful for in my own life? Do I nurture the virtue of gratitude in my heart?
3) Jesus rejects temptations of immediate gratification, power, and safety. How am I doing in regard to these temptations in my own life? What help can I find during this time of Lent?
All three times when He was tempted, Jesus responded by quoting Scripture. May we too, become more familiar during this time of Lent, with Scripture, to help us in time of challenges and temptation in our own lives. In the responsorial psalm we acclaimed the following. Be with me, Lord, when I am in trouble. No harm shall come into my home. God instructs the angels to guard me forever, wherever I go.
Be with me Lord!
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Từ khóa: Lc 4:1-13, mc1c

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