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Confidence in faithfulness

Thứ bảy - 23/12/2017 06:07
Do not be afraid - God is with you and all will be well.
Do not be afraid - God is with you and all will be well.
Advent is a time for new beginnings and our hope and confidence in our Heavenly Father’s faithfulness to the covenant He made with us His people. In preparing the way for a Savior, we see the wondrous miracle of two barren couples who conceive and bear sons - Samson in the Old Testament and John the Baptist in the New Testament. They are called by God to bring hope and deliverance at a time of spiritual challenges and difficulty for the people of God.
God’s angelic messenger greeted Zechariah with blessing beyond his expectations. “Your prayer is heard! You will have a son! And his mission will be great for all of Israel.” The angel wisely put Zechariah in his place before God’s mighty action. When God draws us into his presence, He wants us to come before him to open our minds and hearts so we can totally listen to His voice as He speaks to our hearts and reveals His truth to us.
Our faith provides very clear instructions for those of us who worry about things to come: Do not be afraid - God is with you and all will be well. Each generation prays for protection from anxiety, and in return God, through His Son Jesus, offers us the gift of hope, peace, and love.
Points to Pray and Ponder:  Accept this whenever you fear what the future holds for you.
                                            Worry Balm
                                            Good will prevail
                                            Peace will come
                                            Open your heart
                                            to welcome them
                                                                       Arlene Gay Levine
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