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Difference in values

Thứ ba - 19/01/2016 19:07
God looked not on the exterior but the interior, the heart!

Deacon John Ruscheinsky
In yesterday's first reading, (1Sam 16:1-13) we saw how God is different, how His values and approached are different from our values and approaches. God did not search out the mighty and powerful, but the lowly and the weak. God looked not on the exterior but the interior, the heart!
Our Scripture reading shows that God has a passion for the poor, the humble, and the defenseless. He never forces souls to accept grace and those who are so naïve as to rely on their power and riches, are not open to receiving his help. But our Heavenly Father will take care of His own, provided that we turn to Him for all our needs.
In our lives the most important attitude we should have is humility. Humility recognizes that everything we are and have comes from Him, and this humility in turn leads to a great confidence and trust in God. The theme in our Responsorial Psalm is The Lord, My Rock.
Points to Pray and Ponder. We put all our trust in Him! May we be prepared for service both great and small anytime that He chooses to call any of us.
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Từ khóa: Mc 3:1-6

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