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Do we really heard?

Thứ tư - 27/01/2016 07:22
Do we hunger for God's word?


Do we hunger for God's word?

Deacon John Ruscheinsky
It has been said that the pun is the lowest form of humor. Usually those who do not have the ability to create a pun repeat that statement. As a matter of fact, God Himself, through His prophet Nathan, made use of a pun to proclaim an important prophecy. King David was eager to build a house, meaning a temple, for the Lord. Nathan, the prophet, told the king that rather it was God who would build a house, meaning a dynasty, for David. The prophetic pun is of great theological significance. It marks the beginning of a belief that God would send a kingly messiah to his people, born of the house of David.
In fulfillment of this prophecy, Jesus our King, was born of Mary, of the house of David, in Bethlehem, the city of David, about a thousand years after the prophecy had been made. It took a long time for God to fulfill the prophecy. God is very patient because to his "eyes a thousand years are like yesterday, come and gone, no more than a watch in the night" (Ps 90).  Through all those years, as in all the years before them, God was working his plan for the sending of His Son.
If we receive this word of the Old and New Testament like a seed falling on good soil, it will fill our hearts in greater love of God and helps us grow into the New.
Jesus' parable of sower is aimed at the hearers of his word. There are different ways of accepting God's word and they produce different kinds of fruit accordingly.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Do we take time to listen or we too busy to pray or pre-occupied to study or meditate on God's word? When our minds are open we are then willing to listen and learn.
Do we hunger for God's word?
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