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Extend the invitation

Thứ ba - 21/11/2017 06:52
We have nothing to offer God except our thanks

We have nothing to offer God except our thanks  
In the Responsorial Psalm we acclaim: Lord, in Your great love, answer me (Ps 69). God’s ways at times are strange to us but they are full of mercy. God calls all to His kingdom. He will never take back that call. Unfortunately human freedom allows for a rejection of God’s invitation. Throughout history human beings have turned away from God by disobedience. But God remains faithful to His love for us. In His mercy God continues to extend the invitation.
The advice, which Jesus gives in today’s Gospel, follows the pattern of His Father’s action. Jesus says that whenever one gives a lunch or dinner they should not invite those who will invite them in return. God invites us human beings to His everlasting banquet, and we are represented in the Gospel by the beggars and the crippled, the lame and the blind, that is, by those who are not in a position to return God’s favor. We have nothing to offer God except our thanks, and yet “our prayer of thanksgiving adds nothing to God’s greatness but makes us grow in His grace.”
In just a few weeks we will begin the holiday season again. Whom do we invite into our homes for a meal? The list of guests probably includes family and friends, and that is very good; but Jesus suggested a guest list filled with people who could never offer a favor in return.
Points to Pray and Ponder: If you were to take Jesus seriously, you might find yourself standing outside a local homeless shelter handing invitations to a Thanksgiving or Christmas meal. Or maybe we can help under the ministry of Catholic Charities this season? Let’s us least to open to possibility to in some way give to those who cannot return the favor.
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