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In training

Thứ ba - 01/11/2016 21:44
As saints-in-training, we must hunger and thirst for God on our journey! This will bring us great joy.

As saints-in-training, we must hunger and thirst for God on our journey! This will bring us great joy.
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
A call to holiness, to be saints:  All those people of our past saints, apostles, martyrs. All ordinary people like us! And they are praying for us and we pray with them on our journey toward God.
In the Responsorial Psalm: We acclaim - Lord, this is the people that longs to see your face.
Through our baptism we are called to live and be, we are known by our name and our Christian action serving as Jesus Christ did.
Saintliness is unique to each person. Growth and development in unique ways are in each person. The titles that the Church gives to canonized saints, for example, "apostles," religious founder," "married woman," gives us a glimpse of how saintliness shaped the vocation of each saint we honor.
What would we like our saintly title to be? It is not premature to consider this. In fact, today's Solemnity of All Saints is a perfect day to do so. Why? This day is perfect for us saints-in-training or saints-in-the-making to rejoice with all God's holy ones as we design our saintly titles.
Today in the Gospel Jesus gives us some suggestions. For there He lists some qualities that make excellent titles for the saints. Can you hear yourself among them?
Widow, poor in spirit with Jesus.
Retired man, meek in spirit with Jesus.
Teenager, hungry and thirsty for righteousness with Jesus.
Medical professional, giver of mercy with Jesus.
Mother and father, clean of heart with Jesus.
Social worker, peacemaker with Jesus.
Labor leader, persecuted for the sake of righteousness with Jesus.
Pro Life worker, opposed for the sake of Jesus.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Any of these titles fit you? Would you like one or more to fit you? Our desire is to be "blessed" to be saints, in God's future should determine what we are doing in our present. This means namely, living the Beatitudes as only each of us can do and letting them shape us into God's holy one here and hereafter. "Salvation comes from our God, who is seated on the throne and from the Lamb."

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