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Jesus is tempted like us

Chủ nhật - 18/02/2018 03:31
Where did Jesus find His strength to survive the desert's harsh conditions and the tempter's seduction?
Where did Jesus find His strength to survive the desert's harsh conditions and the tempter's seduction?
Today’s Gospel tells us that Jesus went out into the desert, the wilderness for forty days. This is one of the reasons for the forty days of Lent. The desert was the dwelling place of evil spirits; wild beasts that represented the evil Jesus came to conquer. Why do we read about this on the First Sunday of Lent? What connection is there between the “wilderness” where Jesus lived during the first Lent, and you and I during this Lent of 2018? We too need to face the many aspects of our troubled times: the threat of war, those who are trying to take God out of the world, loss of jobs, broken relationships, hatred, being lost, and so much more.
What motivated Jesus to spend forty days and nights of solitude, prayer and fasting in the Judean wilderness? This desert landscape was largely uninhabitable and was full of dangers for anyone who dared to venture in it for long. For the chosen people of Israel the desert was a place of testing, encounter, and renewal. When the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt, they wandered forty years in the wilderness. This was seen as a time of purification and preparation for entry into the Promised Land. Moses went to the mountain of the Lord at Sinai and stayed there for forty days and nights. Elijah the prophet spent forty days journeying there.
Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell us in their Gospel accounts that Jesus was led by the Holy Spirit to spend forty days and nights in prayer and fasting in a lonely place. Mark states it most emphatically. “The Spirit immediately drove Him out into the wilderness.” Why was Jesus compelled to seek solitude for such a lengthy period? Was it simply a test to prepare Him for ministry?  Where did Jesus find His strength to survive the desert’s harsh conditions and the tempter’s seduction? He fed on His Father’s word and found strength in doing His will.
Jesus was tempted like us and He overcame sin not by His own human strength but by the grace and strength, which His Father gave Him. He had to renounce His will for the will of His Father. He succeeded because He wanted to please His Father and He trusted that His Father would give Him the strength to overcome all obstacles. A true obedience to God’s will and willingness to embrace the cross reversed the curse of Adam’s disobedience. His victory over sin and death won for us not only pardon for our sins but adoption as sons and daughters of God.
Points to Pray and Ponder: How can we overcome sin and oppression? God gives us His Holy Spirit to be our strength, guide and consoler in temptation and testing. God wants us to “fight the good fight of the faith” (1Tim.6:12,) all which comes from His grace. Your ways, O Lord, are love and truth to those who keep your covenant. Your ways, teach us and guide us.
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