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Living truth and the values of society

Thứ sáu - 22/01/2016 07:26
God has a purpose for each one of us. To discover it by living it out along our days is our very definition as a person.


Deacon John Ruscheinsky
Saul was so consumed by bitter envy toward David that he continued to plot to kill him even after the pleading of his son, Jonathan. In today's reading from the Book of Samuel we saw that David had an opportunity to put Saul to death. He did not do so out of respect for Saul as king, whom the Lord anointed. It was an extraordinary act on David's part and reflected not only esteem for the King but for God from whom the dignity of the king came.
In the Responsorial Psalm we read the following. We pray have mercy on me! In the shadow of your wings I take refuge, till harm pass by (Ps 57:2). God sends his mercy and faithfulness upon us always. God sees what we don't see and God knows what we don't know. God knows us. God has a purpose for each one of us. To discover it by living it out along our days is our very definition as a person. To be one-self in faith, till we find our-selves in God. That is true living!
In baptism we were anointed as a kingly and priestly people, sharing in the royal priesthood of Christ. We are called by baptism to love each other as brothers and sisters. But before we can really love people, we must respect them. We must first see the source of Christian dignity, which is God's free choice. All the baptized are called by God just as surely as were the apostles mentioned in today's Gospel. This is not to say or judge that the unbaptized are excluded, for God wills that all humans be saved and ultimately come to the dignity for which they were created. Also on this Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn, let's renew our efforts to listen with a generous heart to God's call that we protect life from conception to natural death.
Points to Pray and Ponder. As Jesus called the twelve for a mission, what is God's call in our life? Jesus embarked on his mission for people to take on the task of preaching the kingdom of God and healing the sick in the power of that kingdom. It was Jesus who chose very ordinary people. They were non-professionals, who had no wealth or position. Are we living in the truth?
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