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Not by our own merits

Thứ năm - 19/01/2017 19:52
Holy Mass is the worship of the Father by His children, "through Christ our Lord."…
Holy Mass is the worship of the Father by His children, "through Christ our Lord."…
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
Whenever we come to Mass, we hear a certain phrase repeated again and again. In fact we hear it so often that its impact may be lost upon us. That familiar phrase is: "Through Christ our Lord." Or "through Jesus Christ our Lord."  The constant use of that phrase should make us mindful of two truths about the Mass.
The first is that the Mass is not primarily the worship of Jesus, as is; for example, a Eucharistic devotion outside of Mass. Rather the Mass is the worship of the Father by his children "through Christ our Lord." We are not children of God the Son or of God the Holy Spirit.  God the Father by the power of His Spirit has made us His children in the image of His divine Son, Jesus Christ. We have been made children of the Father by means of baptism, and baptism calls us to the Mass to praise and thank God our Father and to pray to him. The Mass is not so much looking at the person of Jesus as it is looking in the same direction with him to the Father.
The second truth brought out by the phrase "through Christ our Lord" is the truth that we never stand alone in life. We are one with Christ. At Mass we come as we are to renew our faith and life and we never have to rely on our own merits. We need not be concerned with whether what we do can possibly be pleasing to God. Because we pray and worship through Christ Jesus, God looks upon us and sees within us the person of His own Son and Daughter and is well pleased. Jesus is our priest, our intercessor with the Father.
In the Responsorial Psalm we acclaim:  Here I am Lord; I come to do your will.   And we also heard this line, "but ears open to obedience you gave me."  Listening is an important part in our prayer and in with God on our daily journey.
Points to Pray and Ponder:  We do not rely on our own merit since Jesus is with us.  We come as we are to give ourselves...  It is very helpful to reflect often on the psalms. They help bring the scripture reading together! .
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Từ khóa: Mc 3:7-12, tn2,

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