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Open our eyes and free us

Thứ tư - 10/01/2018 07:35
If we really do believe that God dwells in us and is working through us, then everything changes.
If we really do believe that God dwells in us and is working through us, then everything changes.   
Our Christianity really is not about fulfilling all the needs that are around us. It’s not about tasks. It’s not about getting things done or fixing things. Fundamentally, the feast of the Incarnation reminds us that what we are asked to do is to participate in a great mystery. That is the heart of Christianity. The mystery is to trust and to believe that God is truly in you and me. God’s task is to be the source of energy, life, and grace. He is to be the source that gets the work done.
In today’s readings, it’s clear that the work is twofold: We are to help people to see and to help people to be free. From the very beginning, human beings were conscious of the fact that they were unable to see all that they need to see. They knew they couldn’t be free of all of the burdens that are part of life on this planet. And so, they longed for someone, something to come along and to help them. That’s what the longing for a Messiah is all about. Isaiah was one of the clearest voices telling us that there would be someone coming to fulfill our needs. This teacher will not shout or scream because he will speak the truth. Isaiah proclaims: This is God, who has “grasped their hand.” Isaiah also says this is the work of “opening people’s eyes, of freeing them from that which burdens them.”
We are like Christ. We are the ones who have been called by name, grasped by the hand, led to a place where if we trust, then something marvelous happens to us. The power of God can open our eyes and free us from the things that bind us.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Do you trust and believe that you have a role that comes from your baptism, as significant as Christ’s? Jesus began in Nazareth, simply being God’s instrument of light, grace, and peace. Trust in God’s grace?
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