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Our God is lavish giver

Thứ hai - 20/11/2017 19:10
"All is filled with God. Renounce it and enjoy it." (Mahatma Gandhi)

"All is filled with God. Renounce it and enjoy it." (Mahatma Gandhi)
 How will do we set an example of apostolic spirit?
As we reflect today on the responsorial psalm - it might help us in this area. Blessed the man who is gracious and lends to those in need. Lavishly he gives to the poor; his generosity shall endure forever. A joy to keep God’s word and compassion is to help the poor and have a common sense which holds its own in our spiritual lives. Simplicity of mind and humility of our spirit makes us “a just person.”
Mahatma Gandhi once summarized the Hindu religion in some words taken from one of its sacred books: “All is filled with God. Renounce it and enjoy it.”
To simplify all this: all we have comes from God; we are caretakers of what is God. Our response is to use it in love as we reflect on the first reading today. Above all, we are to take lightly property and possessions, not grasping them as if they were our true security.
Points to Pray and Ponder: God knows that all His people need possessions, but there should be some looseness in our grasp of them, coupled with a readiness to let go of them, to share them, and to use them well. Lavishly He gives!
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