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Our help comes from God

Chủ nhật - 16/10/2016 08:26
The woman comes back again and again. She knows that he is the one who can make a difference in her life.

The woman comes back again and again. She knows that he is the one who can make a difference in her life.
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
Who likes being put on hold while on the phone in the middle of a conversation because someone is on the other line? Today's Gospel is about a woman on hold. The crooked judge won't give the woman satisfaction; he keeps putting her off. But does she say, "Well, I won't talk to that judge any more because he keeps putting my case on hold"? No. The women came back again and again; she knows that he is the one who can make a difference in her life. We need to be like the woman in the Gospel story, but the truth is that we rather just hang up! Sometimes we pray for something... to feel better, to have a renewed relationship with family, and friends, to figure out what we should do with our lives. When we don't get fast answer from God, there is a temptation to hang up! Cut God out of our lives! If we meant anything to God, he wouldn't put us on hold, would He?
The truth is we don't know why some prayers seem to never get answered by God; we don't know why we sometimes seem to be put on hold by God. We can be sure that God loves us and has not forgotten about us. God trusts us to have faith and a love for Him that doesn't need to be responded to every single moment. God wants us "to pray always."
Our challenge is to continue to pray even when the answers don't come and there seems to be only silence at the other end of the line. It is a big challenge, because it is easy to begin to doubt God's love for us when we are on hold.
Jesus encourages us to pray unceasingly. Pray, never lose heart.  We cry to the Lord, we want justice and peace. But it does not happen. What to do?
I like what John Henry Newman wrote: Going often to prayer is an act of faith...Trying to be attentive in your prayers is an act of faith...These are acts of faith, because they are acts that you would accomplish if you saw and understood that God is present, though your eyes and ears neither see nor hear Him.
Points to Pray and Ponder: So the phone rings you say, "Hello", and you hear this is the Heavenly Hotline. Please hold for assistance! How will you respond???
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