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Something inside

Thứ năm - 14/01/2016 09:59
A man is more, much more, than bone and blood and meat.
A man is more, much more, than bone and blood and meat.
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
A disastrous defeat! The ark was actually captured by the enemy. What went wrong? You may answer the question by saying that the Ark of the Covenant – the sign of the presence of the Lord among them – didn’t help the Israelite army. Throughout the biblical accounts of both Testaments the people are often chastised for allowing outward religious practices and observances to take the place of a genuine change of heart. As I would say, “Going to the core of the matter.”
Today, we hear a story about the healing of a leper in Mark’s Gospel. The simple dialogue between the leper and Jesus, which preceded the act of healing, shows that this was a true covenant story, a covenant act. “‘If You wish, You can make me clean.’ Moved with pity, He stretched out His hand, touched the leper, and said to him, ‘I do will it. Be made clean’” (Mk 1:40-41). The story is related as an encounter between Jesus and the leper. Here stands Jesus Christ, Who possesses healing power and is moved with pity for him. Here is a man who kneels in front of Jesus, suffering great in body and spirit, and a social outcast. Jesus emphasizes the human experience of healing and compassion as He goes right to the heart of the matter! As we acclaimed in the Responsorial Psalm, “Redeem us, Lord, because of Your mercy” (Ps 44:27b).
I would like to end with this in our reflection today:
“Something Inside”
A man is more, much more, than bone and blood and meat. Blood and meat we treat alike when we fight in battle, and we give our orders to them, and every man is as useful or not as his neighbor. But when he is hurt or dying or recovering, or longing for whatever it is he longs for, then—then there is something inside him that shows, in ways you cannot put your finger on, and it is the most true thing about him, and the most important.
-Paul Horgan
The human experiences – our longings, desires, and hopes – are the most important things inside each of us and God sees and knows them all!
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