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Teach me, Lord

Thứ ba - 13/02/2018 07:57
Temptations do not come from God, but from within ourselves.
Temptations do not come from God, but from within ourselves.   
In today’s Responsorial Psalm we acclaim: Blessed the man You instruct, O Lord (Ps 94:12-19.) Teach me through Your presence, Your word, Your grace. May we see things as You see them; may we value what You value and reject what You reject. Teach us, Lord; teach us day by day; teach us through our life that we may grow in understanding of our-selves, of life, and of You and that the light of our minds may illumine the path that leads to You.
The apostles were confused by the words of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, and maybe we are too. He told them to be on guard against the yeast of Herod and the Pharisees. Jesus spoke of yeast in the sense that it is a symbol of corruption. The apostles thought he was referring to bread, but Jesus was warning them that they must be concerned lest they fall to wrongful influence of others.
St. James in the reading today says much of the same thing. He warns that we must be on guard against temptation. For these temptation do not come from God, but from within ourselves. Where do we get the strength to over come temptations; that strength comes from God as surely as our daily bread comes from God. The main source of our strength is the Eucharist. Although God offers His help to us through many means, such as prayers and devotions, nothing can substitute for the power of the Holy Eucharist.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Do we open ourselves fully as to receive the benefit of this spiritual food?  First, may we be humble enough to know we need Jesus in our lives. Secondly, may we have a solid faith. Thirdly, may we tell God that we are willing and eager to respond to the grace that He gives us. Great thoughts and questions before we start the Lenten seasons!!!
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