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The church is the body

Thứ năm - 23/11/2017 04:58
Our lives are most precious to "Our God."
Our lives are most precious to "Our God."  
Religious symbols like:

Oil---is for blessing and healing.

Water---symbolizes repentance.

Cross--- symbolizes redeeming power of Christ

Bible---placing our hands on It symbolizes integrity
In the Catholic Church, material objects play an important role along with our religious practices. In the sacraments we use water, various oils, wine, wheat, wax, fire, and plants. We also have many sacramentals, like the rosary and medals. With this use of material objects we also learn the importance of taking care of our environment, the world in which we live in. Our natural resources are precious and deserve to be respected and cared for. Today’s first reading is a hymn to water; it is the element that sustains all of our life, and our lives are most precious to “Our God.”  In the second reading St. Paul addresses the populace of Corinth, a city known at the time for great number and variety of its temples. The Apostles uses this fact to remind the Corinthians of the sacredness of their bodies.
As we celebrate the Feast of the Dedication of St. John Lateran - this is a parish Church for all Catholics, because it is the pope’s cathedral. This is the spiritual home of the people who are the Church of the Body of Christ.
Points to Pray and Ponder: Many times we say “What a beautiful church,” meaning its architecture. Less frequently do we recall that we are all the church, the children of God who gather and praise. Please go to the link for the Saint of the Day for the rest of today’s reflection, and read the history of the Lateran Basilica.
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Từ khóa: Ga 2:13-22, tn31, laterano, giao-hoi,

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