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The gift of God

Thứ bảy - 15/10/2016 14:40
Knowing our value to God, we need not be afraid.

Knowing our value to God, we need not be afraid.  
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
G. K Chesterton, the Catholic author in England who died in 1936, wrote "How odd of God, to choose the Jews." From a human standpoint it would have made more sense to choose the Romans with their genius for government and administration or the Greeks with their high culture and philosophical wisdom. But God for his own good reasons did indeed choose a group of undistinguished nomads and form them into his people. To them He revealed Himself as a personal God and called them to worship Him alone and to be a sign of His goodness before the nations. He eventually filled them with hope for a Messiah; a hope, which our faith teaches us, was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
The first reading today reminds us that in Christ we too were chosen, and that when we believed in the Good News, the message of the Gospel, we were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus prompts us to bear witness to the value of God in our lives. We hear that throughout the Gospels. Jesus' words push out on in the real world and make us a part of the story of His life. At the same time we are not left to our own resources. Jesus declares that God will not abandon us. God watches over us carefully, counts the hairs of our head and knows we are more valuable than the sparrows that will never escape God's care. Knowing our value to God, we need not be afraid. If we really believe that!
Points to Pray and Ponder: Knowing our value to God, He holds us precious in all circumstances. Trusting this, we have the strength to bear witness to God's value in our lives. His fatherly love has reached out to embrace us according to His eternal plan!
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