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The marvel of our redemption

Thứ ba - 02/02/2016 05:09
Jesus, though sinless, freely took upon himself the burden of sin.

Jesus, though sinless, freely took upon himself the burden of sin.  
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
In these readings from Samuel we see David in every possible situation and with every possible emotional reaction. Today, as his son Absalom tries to take over the throne, David and his men flee. As an old enemy gloats over David's lot, the king takes it as only appropriate. "Perhaps the Lord will look upon my affliction and make it up to me with benefits for the curses he is uttering this day."
David and Jesus are similar in that they both had to suffer from their own people. But they are completely unlike in that David was sinful and Jesus was sinless, David was guilty and Jesus was innocent. It was out of a sense of Justice that David was willing to accept his affliction, but it was out of pure love that Jesus endured his passion.
The marvel of our redemption is that Jesus, though sinless, freely took upon himself the burden of sin. That burden of sin He accepted not only during the hours of His passion but all through His life. That is why the Gospel today we witnessed his expelling of the demons who were so heinous that not even the swine could tolerate their presence. After Jesus had expelled the demons, He said this to the man. "Go home to your family and make it clear to them how much the Lord in His mercy has done for you."
Today's the response of the Responsorial Psalm is - Lord, rise up and save me. We praise God daily in our lives as individuals and then as a faith community at liturgy. Strengthened and inspired we are then sent forth to proclaim the Good News of salvation to all we meet.
Points to Pray and Ponder. Let us willingly part with anything that might keep us from His love and saving grace. Jesus Christ comes with cleansing, healing power for each and every person. God has visited His people!
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Từ khóa: Mc 5:1-20, reflection, tn4

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