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True treasure

Thứ sáu - 17/06/2016 21:46
What treasure do we seek? Earthly or heavenly?

What treasure do we seek? Earthly or heavenly?
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
Jesus used the images of treasure and eyesight to covey the hidden truth of God's kingdom. What Jesus said about treasure made perfect sense to the people listening. Keep what lasts! Aren't we all trying to find security and happiness? Jesus contrasts two very different kinds of wealth - natural or worldly and spiritual goods. Spiritual goods open us to the joy of knowing  and loving the living God, being united with Him, and receiving the inheritance of an imperishable kingdom - a kingdom of peace, joy, and righteousness. Since our whole life is directed by that which we most value, to set one's heart on heavenly treasure helps us to enter into a deeper and richer life with God. What treasure do we seek? Earthly or heavenly?
In the Gospels, Jesus used the image of eyesight to convey an important spiritual principle. The eye is the window of the soul. If the window is clouded, dirty, or marred in any manner, the light will be deflected and diminished. Just so it is true with the "inner being" of a person! How we "see" affects the "inner life", "heart", and "soul of an individual. Whatever blinds or distorts our "vision" of what is true, good, lovely, pure and everlasting (Phil. 4:8) needs to be addressed.
Points to Pray and Ponder: As we reflect on today's scriptures, may we examine ourselves to see if we are living according to principles based on these Gospel truths, and seeking after that treasure which is true.
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Từ khóa: Mt 6:19-23, tn11, reflection,

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