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United by one spirit

Thứ hai - 16/05/2016 11:27
It is not the organization and the program that makes the Church Catholic or universal. We are a Church due to the action of the Holy Spirit.  
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
As the Father sent me so I send you, receive the Holy Spirit. This is the message we receive from John's Gospel. In fact all the readings today come to this one message. We are celebrating Pentecost. Pentecost is the coming of the Spirit into the world. It is the celebration of a specific work of the Spirit, which is the empowerment of the Church for Christ's service in the world.
Today we celebrate the birthday of the Church. Pentecost is the birthday of the Church because it was on Pentecost Sunday that individuals received the Holy Spirit and became one in Jesus Christ.
Pentecost is the empowering by the Master to complete His work, the salvation and sanctification of persons made in His own image. Jesus entrusted his work to the disciples and to each one of us as well. 
 Someone dear to me gave me this prayer and I would like to share it with you:         
Whenever I Journey, 
Send your Spirit to accompany me,
So that whenever I journey,
I journey with your blessing.
Send your Spirit to protect me,
So that however I travel,
I travel with your peace.
Send your Spirit to guide me,
So that wherever I go,
I go with your inspiration.
Send your Spirit to uplift me,
So that whatever I do,
I do for your glory. Amen! 
Points to Pray and Ponder:  Pentecost is the celebration of the Spirit that gives life to our actions. It is the celebration of the birth of the living Church...

The Master' hands are at work!

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