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Unmerciful servant

Chủ nhật - 17/09/2017 11:10
And so you, and I, attempt to justify our anger, our grudge.
And so you, and I, attempt to justify our anger, our grudge.
Should a person nourish anger against their neighbors and expect healing from the Lord? Should a person refuse mercy to their neighbors, yet seek pardon for their own sins? These verses are taken from today's first reading from Sirach. The message of these verses is demonstrated by Jesus in the Gospel reading of the Unmerciful Servant. I fear that at times I distance myself from this parable. I wouldn't react like the Unmerciful Servant and refuse to forgive a small amount after I've been forgiven a tremendous amount. I wouldn't be like that. Or would I? Or would you?
Something within me seems to feel that I have a right to continue in my anger towards someone who had hurt me badly. After all, I didn't create the situation. The other person did. I didn't attack the other person. The other person attacked me. I was the victim, not the aggressor. My life would have been significantly different if that other person had not said or done this or that. And so you, and I, attempt to justify our anger, our grudge. All of us have our own personal stories or battles with others. Everyone has been wronged by someone, hurt by someone. But no one had the right to harbor a grudge, at least, not if we consider the amount of mercy God has showered upon us.
I have made many mistakes in life. Many were thoughtless acts. But I have also chosen to make mistakes. I have sinned. Yet God has not given up on me. I consider the blessings of life and we can all fathom why God is so good to us. We all should be happy for who we are and the gifts God has given us. To be a deacon to serve others gives me great joy. God is good to those who minister to His people. God is good to all His people.
Sacred Scripture is an account of God's continual mercy on His people. The basic pattern from Genesis to Revelation is that people offend God, suffer consequences of their actions, plead for mercy and God forgives. The Lord has His battle stories, but he continues to forgive us. Why? He knows what humans are like. Because he knows that we all make mistakes. Sometimes we mean well but do wrong. Sometimes we choose wrong because we are too weak to with stand the pressures around us. We often offend against God's love, but Jesus does not hold grudges.
Points to Pray and Ponder:
Living in his mercy, we are called to bring His mercy and compassion to others. C.S. Lewis, a contemporary Christian author wrote: "Mercy will flower only when it grows in the crannies of the rock of Justice. "It is all in His mercy."
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Từ khóa: Mt 18:21-35, tn24a,

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