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We are not abandoned

Thứ hai - 16/10/2017 09:40
Our heavenly Father always loved His children…
Our heavenly Father always loved His children…
In today’s Responsorial Psalm we acclaim: The Lord made known His salvation (Ps 98). God has done wondrous deeds. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit He pours His love into our hearts that we may understand His will for our lives and walk in His way, for he will never abandon us!
In the first Reading of St. Paul first letter to the Romans: Paul knows his mission is to announce the Gospel message, promised long ago through the prophets and realized in Jesus Christ. What is revealed to the world in Jesus is, in one sense, nothing new. What is new is the dramatic expression in a living human being who shared our life, by suffering, dying and rising to new life. It is nothing new insofar as our heavenly Father didn’t first begin to love human beings, when Jesus was born. He has always loved His children –and all of creation.
Points to Pray and Ponder: The refrain in the first chapter of Genesis, is that God looked on everything in creation and saw that it was good. Our Father has never really changed the message; it has always been that He loves us and wills what is best for us. Do you know that you are not abandoned?
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Từ khóa: Lc 11:29-32, tn28,

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