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What makes us die make us live

Thứ năm - 11/02/2016 03:55
Jesus' choice for life is fulfilled by choosing the Cross... Life isn't about "getting," it's about "giving!"

Jesus' choice for life is fulfilled by choosing the Cross... Life isn't about "getting," it's about "giving!"   
Deacon John Ruscheinsky
What brings healing and transformation in our lives? Surrendering to God. When we surrender our lives to God, He gives us new life in His Spirit. He gives us the pledge of eternal life to those who love and follow Him. God wants us to be spiritually fit to serve at all times. When the body is very weak or ill, we make every effort to nurse it back to health. How much more effort and attention should we give to the spiritual health of our hearts and minds!
What will you give to God? Are you ready to part with anything that might keep you from following Him and His perfect plan for your life? Jesus poses these questions to challenge our assumptions about what is most worthwhile for our lives. To be called a disciple of the Lord one needs to be ready to give up all whatever is needed in exchange for happiness and life with our Heavenly Father.
Today the Church celebrates Our Lady of Lourdes. This day is designated the World Day of the Sick. Mary, the mother of God, appeared repeatedly to Bernadette and began even then to heal the infirm. These apparitions gained the attention of the world. Today millions of pilgrims travel yearly to Lourdes seeking healing in the spring waters that it is said Our Lady revealed to Bernadette. Let us unite our prayers to Christians the world over for those who suffer illness and infirmity.
Points to Pray and Ponder: In our retreat house we have a sign written by a SNJM Sister in the main wing that reads: "What makes us die makes us live." This is worth pondering throughout our Lenten journey!
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