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The marvel of our redemption

Jesus, though sinless, freely took upon himself the burden of sin.

A mad man for Christ

Jesus gives him a mission, sending him to his family and friends to tell the story of how Jesus cured him. Wherever the cured man goes, he will proclaim the marvels the Lord has done in him.

Tình yêu mời gọi tình yêu

Cuộc hiến tế của Chúa Giê-su trở thành nguồn hứng khởi cho mọi Ki-tô hữu, cách riêng cho các tu sĩ nam nữ.

Chứng nhân tại gia

Chia sẻ kinh nghiệm về lòng Chúa thương xót cho người trong gia đình của mình.

Believe or not to believe

Christ knows the weakness of the human heart, but he will not force himself upon us nor work miracles without our sincere profession of faith in him.

Before I formed you in the womb

I knew you before you were born. I dedicated you, I appointed you.

On the way there

Having him in our boat is not a guarantee that things will go smoothly. We need to discover that he is working in the midst of difficulties.

Fight fear with faith

As Jesus brought peace to the turbulent waters, so will God through Jesus Christ bring peace to the troubled heart of the sinner who repents.

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